About Roberto Zagni

I am a Software and Data Engineer with an interest in Machine Learning, Algorithms and Agile Development. And investments.

I am lucky enough to have been able to exploit my passion for software and databases by working on Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Internet of Things projects as an architect or manager.

I believe that projects and code, including SQL, should be written and organised for human consumption, as the team members’ ability to understand the project is the key factor to bring success and create an high performance team.

My ambition is to contribute to contribute to advance the development and management of data by fostering the adoption of automation tools and software best practices (testing, code reviews …), aka DataOps.

Out of software I have long been interested in investing, since I was a kid, and I have been doing it for decades, but only in the last few years I have been studying harder on it and trying to understand a strategy that suits me.

The result is a foundation of value investing, with an extra ambition to pick a few exceptional growers (hopefully some one hundred baggers). I diversify my portfolios by picking multiple asset classes and regions and I use options, volatility and futures to hedge my portfolios in moments of market stress.

Yours with love,



2 thoughts on “About Roberto Zagni”

  1. Hi, I see that you created a pull request to the dbtvault project and you mentioned that you were using postgresql! I came to you blog hoping that you would have discussed and explained what it is how to do it in PG. I would very much like to know your experiences and tails about working with a data vault in PostgreSQL and any lessons learned. I am about to start this journey myself.


    1. Hi Rhys, I did as I use Postgres as a local “experimentation” database that can also be used in production up to certain volumes.
      Usually I use it for prototyping something that will become bigger and move to other platform. So no real experience in running a DW on PG.
      I this case, by now I am moving to Snowflake the main data vault project that I started with PG as a POC.
      I wish to anyhow build something to track my own stock portfolios and I think I will keep it on PG.
      I might use data vault for it, but just to keep experimenting with it.


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